My Players: Game Development

Welcome to MY PLAYERS section!  This section is dedicated to the players I have the pleasure of teaching and coaching in live lessons.  It is designed to be a reference following their live lessons.  

When I started teaching, prior to mobile technology, I would print off my lesson notes for my players. Now I can add their lesson notes to my website so that they can be accessed anywhere.  Hopefully this will help with their practicing and development, and give them even more opportunity to reach their golf goals.


If you are one of MY PLAYERS then please find your name below.  Click on your name and then enter your password to access your page.

  • Henry
  • Greg
  • Nick
  • Mel
  • Ronna
  • Sharon
  • Pierre
  • Carolyn
  • Mark
  • Mac, Maria, Marc
  • Norm
  • Denise
  • Ann
  • James
  • Colette
  • Dave

I hope that you find your lesson notes helpful and that they help in your development as a player.  If you have any questions or comments please send me an email or talk to me at our next session.

Good luck with your practicing and playing.