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He is listed at 6'4" and yet has one of the flattest swings of all professional players. When you watch the video you will see at the top of his backswing is hands are barely above his shoulders at the top of his swing. His hands are also outside his shoulders. There is no doubt that his swing is very different from how I tend to teach. If you compare his swing to the pictures on my site. It is another example of how there are many ways to get it done. The key is to understand how it is being done to improve your swing and consistency.

The best way to see how flat his swing is at the top of his backswing. Play the video and then pause it at that spot. Then draw a line along his left arm until it reaches the ground. You will see that the line extends well past the ball before it touches the ground. A lot of players try to get their left arm to point at the ball as this is called 'on plane'.

Being 'on plane' is considered to be the most consistent way to hit the ball on target. If you are off that line then you will most likely to have to make a correction or extra move to get the club on line to the ball. Kuchar makes a small correction at the top of his backswing. It is a very slight over the top move. He does not come sideways with his club like 'slicers' do. He simply adjusts his left arm plane. You can see it when his left arm gets steeper as he starts his downswing. This helps him get his hands back in front of his chest which is a great place to be in order to hit a strong accurate shot.

So how does he get into the flat position? It is all in his takeaway. Watch his takeaway and then take a look at this lesson Hybrid Takeaway Lesson. You will see that Matt Kuchar takes the club way inside right off the start. Watch how quickly his hands get in front of his legs. Compare that to Step 4 from my lesson, where my hands do not get in front of my legs. I prefer to keep the hands in front of the chest as long as possible. But if you are more like Kuchar on your takeaway, then just understand that your hands do have to get in front of your chest during the downswing in order to hit the ball long and accurate.

Now...Kuchar has a position in his downswing that everyone should try to emulate. It is the position of his right elbow before impact. You will see that it is very close to his body and in front of his right hip. This is a tremendous position to hit the ball strong.

Matt Kuchar is a tremendous player. He was a star as an amateur and has worked very hard to have this great season in 2010. His swing is unique and he works very hard at his consistency. He also must have very flexible shoulders!

Good luck with your practicing and playing as you strive to reach your golf goals.

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