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Luke Donald has got a serious amount of game. He is currently in the top ten in the world and on the European Ryder Cup team. He is such a consistent player. He is not very flashy, and he does not have a lot of wins...but he also does not make a lot of mistakes.

This video focuses on the short game. Most of this section covers the long game, but I can't stress enough how important the short game is for scoring. If your swing is on and you have a great short game then you can shoot a career round. If your short game is on but your swing is off, then you can salvage what would otherwise be a brutal round for scoring.

I love the motion Donald makes in the this distance control wedge shot. I know that the video is titled 'pitch' but this is much more of a controlled wedge swing. He is playing a shot that is a shorter distance than a normal full swing with that club.

The first thing to watch is the turn he makes on the backswing. Notice how he still turns his body as if he is making a full swing. The only difference is that his swing stops at the length of backswing he needs to hit the ball the distance he needs. If he needs to hit it farther then he would make a slightly longer swing. If it was a shorter shot, then it would be a shorter swing. That is the best way to control controlling the length of your swing and maintaining the same tempo.

The second thing to watch is his feet. Watch how his feet stay planted through impact and into his follow through. This is tremendous footwork that is difficult to execute. The trick is that your weight still has to move towards the target while keeping your back foot down through impact. You can see that only part of his heel comes up as the swing finishes. This helps with crisp contact.

One way to feel this action is to feel your left foot press into the ground to start your downswing. Once you feel that pressure under your left foot then turn your belt buckle to your target. This will help make sure your weight shifts properly to your target. keeping your right foot down you will avoid spinning your hips too much. When hips over rotate it makes contact much less consistent. If you want to hit these control wedges close then you must have good contact.

I hope you found these tips using Luke Donald's wedge swing helpful for your game. Good luck with all your practicing and playing.

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