Jim Furyk:
Learn from Pro Swings

Learn from Pro Swings

Jim Furyk...well...is Jim Furyk. The best thing I can say about this motion is that he believes in his swing and his motion. That is a huge advantage over a lot of players. If more players simply believed in their motion they would play a lot better.

However, I must admit that I would not likely choose to teach someone his swing sequence.

This does not mean we can't learn from his move. Jim Furyk does a lot of things well even though it looks so different. This is why he is one of the games great ball strikers.

He stands incredibly close to the ball.Since he stands so close, it almost forces him into a great position at impact. He does and amazing job of clearing his hips. If you can, try to stop the video at the 2 second mark. This should be the impact position. Take a look at his left hip position. It is over his left heel, while his left leg is straight.

This is a great position to be in at impact. His hips have 'cleared' meaning they got out of the way and made room for the hands and arms. This position also helps create a square club face at impact using the big muscles of the core rather than with the hands.

If the left hip does not get to that position then it will likely slide too much to the target and push your shots out to the right with an open club face.

Remember, if you can trust your swing then you can forget about the mechanics and just go out and play. I know this is not an easy thing to do, but here is a trick for when you are warming up for your next round. When you are on the range, pay attention to your ball flight. If you are consistently hitting the ball left to right; don't try to change it. Take note of how much it is curving and play that shot for your round. When the round is finished then go and practice to get the ball flight you want.

This helped me a lot for a tournament. I typically hit the ball right to left, but I showed up that morning and hit everything left to right. I even hit my pitching wedge with a fade that day. The key thing is that I played that shot and still put up a good score.

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