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Full Backswing

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Welcome to the Full Swing Lessons for the Hybrid. This is Lesson #5: Full Backswing Lesson. This lesson is designed to help you get from the set swing position to the full backswing position. I think you will be a little surprised by how short a swing we are going to make when we get to the top of your backswing.

The length of your swing is actually irrelevant. It is far more important as to how you get there, as opposed to how long your swing is. This lesson will be about how flexible you are as an individual. It is your own flexibility that will help determine how long your swing will be. A shorter swing with the proper turn is far more effective than an a swing that is too long and out of position. We want to try and develop a big shoulder and chest turn, while keeping a short arm swing. This creates a powerful yet controlled golf swing.

Remember that the first two lessons for the full swing with the hybrid are critical to helping you get to the best possible position at the top of your backswing before you start your move back down to your ball.

Hybrid Golf Tips: Address

  • Please see the Full Sing Setup Lesson for complete details on how to position your body to make your swing easier to execute.
  • It is very important that you have a solid setup position before you start trying to make swing changes, or start building your golf swing. You can not take advantage of a great golf swing with a poor setup position.

Hybrid Golf Tips: Club Parallel

  • Please see the Club Parallel Backswing Lesson for more complete details on how to swing back to this position.
  • Turn your shoulders and chest to maintain your triangle.
  • Your club should be parallel to the ground in line with your toes.
  • There should be very little change in your weight distribution.

Hybrid Golf Tips: The Set Swing

  • Please see the Set Swing Backswing Lesson for more details on how to make a great turn to get to this position.
  • At the set swing position your left arm should be parallel to the ground.
  • If your hands and wrists are relaxed (remember this game needs to be played relaxed)...then your wrists should hinge naturally so that your club and arm for an 'L'.
  • The key to getting to a good set swing position is to make sure that your shoulders and chest are turning the whole time. If they are then your hands will be almost in front of your chest, and your chest will be fully turned away from your target.
  • Your right knee should stay flexed throughout your backswing.

Hybrid Golf Tips: Full Backswing

  • To get to the top of your backswing from the set swing position...all you need to do is to continue turning your chest and shoulders.
  • You should stop your backswing when you can't keep your turn moving comfortably. Your flexibility will dictate how long your backswing will be. You don't need a super long backswing to hit it far. Allen Doyle from the Champions Tour has a very short backswing and he hits it plenty long. Once you start to try and go beyond your own level of flexibility your club will get off line and it makes it very hard to hit the ball consistently.
  • Your lower body should stay relaxed and simply turn as it needs to by following your upper body. If you tighten up your legs and hips it will cause your club to get off line. Remember...golf needs to be played relaxed.
  • Your weight should stay centered between your feet. You can see how my shoulder turn does not go past the middle of my feet. That helps keep your balance throughout your swing. If you do that you will create a little more flex in your left knee and it should point at your ball. If your weight shifts too much towards your right foot then your left knee will collapse and point towards your right foot. This will create a lot of extra movement during your swing, which can play havoc on your timing and consistency.

Hybrid Golf Tips:
Full Backswing Down the Line

  • From this view you can see how your right knee should stay bent throughout the entire backswing. This really helps stabilize your backswing. It helps keep your balance, and helps create more power.
  • You can also see how your left knee will point towards the ball.
  • To help you make sure you are making a full turn try and get your left shoulder to turn under your chin.
  • Ideally your club should be pointing down the target line. However, if you are using a smaller shoulder turn and have turned your arms, chest and shoulders together...you won't get there. And that's alright. It's more important to have a swing that stays connected for consistent contact than forcing your swing to get your club so that it is parallel to the ground at the top of your swing.

Thank you for taking the Full Backswing Lesson in the Hybrid Golf Tips Series. It is extremely important to understand that you need to stay in control of your backswing. The moment you lose control of the motion going back you will have a hard time returning your club back to your ball properly. Use this lesson to help you make the proper turn so that you can get the most of of your own level of flexibility.

TV commentators have raved about Tiger's weight training program, but the reality is that his stretching regiment to maintain his flexibility is equally as important as the weight training. So...if you want to create more distance, work on the turn that is illustrated in the lessons for the driver and work on your flexibility. These two things will definitely make a considerable difference to your game.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you 'Play Your Golf Dreams' sooner with the help of free-golf-lessons.com.

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