Hybrid Golf Lesson:
Rhythm and Timing

Welcome to Hybrid Golf Lesson #2 : Club Parallel Swing. This lesson is designed to show you a drill that will help you get used to hitting shots while practicing the initial part of the backswing. It will also help you practice your timing so that you can make great contact hitting your shots.

Golf is a game of timing. Practicing that timing is very important. The tour pros talk about practicing their rhythm and timing more than anything. Use this drill to help build the foundation of your golf swing as well as the timing to hit solid golf shots.

Hybrid Golf Lesson: Address

  • Follow your setup routine and take your address position.
  • Please see the Full Swing Setup Lesson for more details on a strong setup position.

Hybrid Golf Lesson:
Club Parallel Backswing

  • One of the most important pieces of the backswing is your right knee. DON'T LET IT STRAIGHTEN. The more your right knee can bent the more stability your swing will have. If your right knee stays put then it will help your hips turn properly. It will also help anchor your upper body so that you can make a solid turn without losing balance. Your hands should be just below belt high when your club becomes parallel to the ground.
  • A great way to practice this position is in your home in front of a mirror. When doing so look for a flat left wrist. If your wrist is flat then your club will also be in a great position.
  • When looking in the mirror you will want to see the back of your left hand and the whole club face. A common problem is for the left wrist to point to the ground. This will cause the club face to also point to the ground. That will lead to shots that fly low and left of your target. If I were wearing a watch on my left wrist, you would be able to read the time. If you do practice in the mirror, you should also be able to read the time on your watch. If my wrist was pointing at the ground then the face of the watch would also be pointing at the ground and you won't be able to read it.
  • You will want to have both arms extended. Make sure your arms stay connected to your body. This means that your armpits should not see any daylight. If you extend too far it will open up your armpits. Vijay Singh is often seen with towels underneath his armpits when he practices. He makes swings without letting the towels fall out of his armpits. This keeps him connected throughout his swing so that he can make great contact.

Hybrid Golf Lesson: Transition

  • Your whole body and club should move together to start the downswing. You don't want to to leave anything behind when making your move to hit your golf ball.
  • From your parallel backswing position start your downswing by pressing your left foot into the ground. The downswing should start from the ground up, and this feeling will get the lower part of your body involved right away. Your hips and legs should be a a major part of your downswing and follow through.
  • Once you have pressed your left foot into the ground, it is now a matter of letting your hips, chest, shoulders and club all unwind together.
  • You hands should lead your club head. This is the only way to make great contact...consistently. It is only after impact that your club will pass your hands.

Hybrid Gold Lesson: Impact

  • Impact is the split second during your golf swing in which the club makes contact with the ball. All the movement your body does during your backswing and downswing, are simply trying to setup for a good impact position. If you can deliver your club onto the back of your ball properly...you are going to hit great shots.
  • There is a big difference between good contact and proper contact. Good contact will get you around the golf course...proper contact will help you shoot your dream scores. Let's try and work on making proper contact.
  • To make proper contact you will want to make sure that the back of your left hand is flat and facing your target. This is critical for making proper contact. It is the only way for your club to hit your ball at the proper angle so that you can use the natural loft of your club. A common fault is having the the left wrist break towards the target. This increases the loft of your club and makes you hit the ball higher and shorter than it should. A great drill is to put a ruler on the back of your left wrist and make parallel to parallel swings. The ruler will help keep your wrist in place.
  • After pressing your left foot into the ground on your downswing your weight should naturally move onto your left foot. This is because at impact your right knee should be flexing and moving towards your ball. This will make your right foot roll onto it's instep. These two things will help drive your weight forward and through your shot.
  • This picture is taken from the target side. The key thing to note looking at the impact position from this angle is how open your hips will be to your target. Notice how your hips will almost be facing your target already, even though you are only just at impact. This position helps generate a lot of power as well as proper contact.
  • You can see how the back of your left hand should be facing your target. This will help you get the ball started in the right direction, towards your target.

Hybrid Golf Lesson: Parallel Follow Through

  • This position should virtually mirror your backswing.
  • Your club should be parallel to the ground with the toe of your club pointing up to the sky.
  • This time your right wrist should be flat, as if you were shaking hands with someone. If your hand is in the position to receive a 'low five' from someone then you are out of position, and you will have unnaturally increased the loft of your club.
  • Almost all your weight should be on your left foot. So much so that you should feel the pressure of your weight on the target side edges of your left shoe.
  • Your hips should almost be fully facing your target. Your triangle is still intact. This will help you create full extension through your shot, which is the only way to hit shots with power and accuracy.
  • Since your hips are turning through your shot you should feel your left leg straighten as you get your club parallel to the ground. It will continue to straighten through the remainder of your follow through.
  • Your head and neck should be relaxed and moving with your shot. The more relaxed you are with your muscles the more they will be allowed to move freely and naturally. This means that it is okay for your head to rotate with your body during your follow through. You don't want it to stay glued in place as that will restrict your follow through.

Thank you for taking this Hybrid Golf Lesson. This is a great way to practice hitting shots so that we can develop our swing. The most important aspect of this lesson is learning how to turn your body and club at the same time so that you can make great contact.

Once you have practiced this Hybrid Golf Lesson enough, so that you can consistently make solid contact, the you can move on to Lesson #3: Set Swing Backswing. The next lesson will add a lot of power to your swing. Just be sure you are ready to harness that power, by practicing the Club Parallel Swing Lesson.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you 'Play Your Golf Dreams' sooner with the help of free-golf-lessons.com.

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