Hybrid Golf Club Lesson:
The Takeaway

Welcome to the Full Swing Lessons for the Hybrid Golf Club. This is Lesson One: Club Parallel Backswing. This lesson is designed to help you take the club back so that it is parallel to the ground, when your hands are belt high.

It not a very long motion compared to the full swing, however it is critical to get into this position. If you do then the rest of the swing becomes much easier and more effective. If you get out of position in step one then your swing will not be as simple. Remember that we are always trying to get rid of unnecessary movement. Any extra movement that we have that we don't need makes the timing of our golf swing much harder.

We want to keep this game as simple as possible. Therefore, understanding an executing this lesson is very important in keeping your swing simple and effective. Please take your time learning the first hybrid golf club lesson. It will be very helpful in learning the rest of the lessons. 

Hybrid Golf Club Lesson: Address

  • Please see the Full Swing Setup for the Hybrid Lesson for more details.
  • A good setup will help you make a good swing.
  • Many swing faults can be corrected by fixing a flaw in your setup, so please pay particular attention to it.
  • Always check your setup before every swing you make. This will ensure that if you have a bad shot that you will know it was because of your swing and not your setup.

Hybrid Golf Club Lesson: Take-away

  • Your backswing should start from the top down. This means that your shoulders, arms, chest and hands should start the swing, and your lower body will follow.
  • Start your backswing, so that your triangle formed by your arms and shoulders is still intact. You can only do this by moving your arms, chest and shoulders at the same time.
  • Your lower body should be relaxed but not moving. If you keep your hips relaxed then the turning of your chest and shoulders will automatically turn your hips. The more flexible you are the less your hips will turn during your backswing. This will help create a lot of power. Don't try and restrict your hip movement, because without the right flexibility it will cause your club to get off line.
  • Both your feet should still be flat on the ground.

Hybrid Golf Club Lesson : Club Parallel to Ground

  • One of the most important pieces of the backswing is your right leg and knee. DON'T LET IT STRAIGHTEN. The more your right knee can stay flexed (like it was in step one) the more stability you will have in your back swing. If your right knee stays put then it will help your upper body turn properly over your hips and lower body. It will help anchor your lower body so that you can make a big shoulder turn without losing balance. 
  • A big shoulder turn uses the big muscles of our body and is great for creating power. It is also great for building a swing that will last us a long, long time.
  • Your hands should be just below belt high when your club becomes parallel to the ground.
  • A great way to practice the position of this hybrid golf lesson is at home in front of a mirror:
  • Stand facing the mirror. 
  • Start your backswing.  Stop when you club is parallel to the ground. Check for a flat left wrist. If your wrist is flat then your club will also be in a 'square' position. 
  • When looking in the mirror you will want to see the back of your left hand and the whole club face. A common problem is for the left wrist to face the ground. This will cause the club face to also face the ground and be in a closed position. That will lead to shots that fly low and left of your target, unless you flip your hands open which is very difficult to be consistent.
  • You can tell the position has a major impact on the club face because in the picture above the angle of the club face is the same angle as my forearm. They match. Therefore, if my forearm is in a great position, so will my club face.
  • You will want to have both arms extended. Make sure your arms stay connected to your body. This means that your armpits should not see any daylight. If you extend too far it will open up your armpits. 
  • Vijay Singh is often seen with towels underneath his armpits when he practices. He makes swings without letting the towels fall out of his armpits. This keeps him connected throughout his swing so that he can make great contact.
  • The triangle formed by your arms and shoulders should also still be intact. Maintaining your triangle is the only way to get your club on the right path for consistent, powerful shots.
  • Your chest should turn with your arms and shoulders. Your hands should be in front of your chest, just like in the address position.
  • You can see in this picture how your right knee should maintain it's flex.
  • Your club should be in line with your toes, with your club head just outside your hands. 

Thank you for taking Lesson One of the Full Swing Lessons for the Hybrid. Please be sure to practice this lesson so that you are comfortable making the initial part of the backswing before moving on to the next step.

Take your time learning this position, because it will make the rest of your swing much easier to master. Lesson #2 in this series will give you the opportunity to practice hitting balls from the parallel position.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you 'Play Your Golf Dreams' sooner with the help of free-golf-lessons.com.

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