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Put You Long In The Fairway

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Most players have a love/hate relationship with their driver. My golf driver lessons are designed to improve your consistency off the tee and get you into the fairway. Also, they will help you hit the ball longer and with a better trajectory.

These detailed and illustrated lessons break the golf swing down into manageable pieces. Each piece of the golf swing is shown in still shot photograghs so you can compare your swing positions with mine.

Each photograph is then described in exact detail so you can use the same position triggers that many of the touring pros use to guarentee consistency and confidence in their tee shots.

If you are new to golf then I highly recommend starting with lesson one and methodically working your way through each lesson when you are ready. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of hitting long, straight shots. However, if you are patient you will have a lot more success down the road.

Most golfers are familliar with the expression, "you drive for show, and putt for dough". Although it is true that putting and the short game account for most of the scoring in golf, if you can't get off the tee and into the fairway, scoring will still be a problem.

Anybody that has ever struggled with their driver knows the frustration can make you want quit. These lessons are designed to give you a practice routine that will get you back on the right track. It is important to work hard, but it is even more important to work smart.

Enough talking, let's get out and play!

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