Advanced Golf Tips for
Sand Shots

This is the Advanced Golf Tips For Sand Play Pre-shot Routine Lesson. This lesson is designed to help you get a solid consistent routine that will allow the the opportunity to make a great shot and save shots during your round. Bunker shots can be a little unnerving, especially near the end of a round.

You could be in a tight match or maybe you are headed towards a career round. Maybe you got a little nervous down the stretch of your round and your iron shot found the bunker. Now you are disappointed with being in the trap but also there are more nerves because you need to save this shot.

A good pre-shot routine will allow you to get comfortable( comfortable as possible) so that you can hit a great shot and win your match or get that career round. Use the Advanced Golf Tips For Sand Shots and the following steps to help you build that solid routine. Practicing your routine is as important as practicing your swing. It builds consistency which helps breed confidence.

Golf Tips for Sand Play - See Your Shot

  • Place your bag on the ground outside the bunker so that you are standing behind your ball and in line with the flag. Do not take out a club.
  • Assess your shot. Is the sand deep or thin? Hard or soft? Wet or dry? What is the length of your shot?
  • Choose your club based on your assessment.

Hover Your Club

  • Step into the bunker.
  • Hover your club over your ball. Remember that you are not allowed to touch the sand with your club until you are making impact with your shot.
  • Make sure you aim your club at your target. This is extremely important for hitting your shots on line.
  • Keep your feet together so that you can concentrate on aiming your club properly.

Take Your Stance

  • Spread your feet so that the outside of your feet are shoulder width a part. This is not as wide as a full swing, but it will give you good balance through your shot and it will make your swing a touch steeper. You need a steeper swing to be effective, and this stance will naturally give you this swing path.
  • Pull your left foot back so that your feet and hips are open to the target line.
  • Dig your feet into the sand.

Practice Swings

  • Practice swings? I know you are thinking 'But...I can't touch the sand.' It's true you can't but you can take practice swings above the sand.
  • It is very important to make these practice swings to get a feel for your backswing, but more importantly for the length of your follow through. Please see the Advanced Golf Tips For Sand Play Distance Control Lesson for more details.
  • Take two or three practice swings while looking at your target so that you can get a feel for the length of follow through you will make to hit the shot you need.


  • Finish off your setup.
  • Remember to lean a little weight onto your left foot. This will make the swing simpler to execute.
  • Take one more look at your target...the swing. Don't wait. You want to keep the feel of your practice to carry over to your actual swing.

Golf Tips for Sand Play - Hold Finish

  • After you hit your shot...hold your finish until your ball stops moving. This gives you the best opportunity to learn from every shot.
  • To grow as a player you want to learn from every shot. You want to bank as many shots into memory (especially the good ones) so that you can improve your touch. If you hit the shot and forget about how you got the ball there you will not be able to use that experience in the future.
  • The best players in the world have developed there touch since they were little kids. They have lots of experience to rely on.
  • None of us really get to play and practice as often as the pros. So...get as much as you can out of every shot by holding your finish. This will help you become a better player.

Thank you or taking the Advanced Golf Tips For Sand Play Pre-shot Routine Lesson. This is the final lesson of this series. I hope you found the series useful and helpful in developing your game.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of

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