Golf Tips for Pitching

Become a Wizard of the Wedges

How many times have you heard ‘he is a magician with that wedge?’ Well, there are no illusions like a magic show. Great pitches are a result of a creative mindset. It is knowing how to flight the ball the right trajectory to give yourself the best chance at a great result.

I know that pitching can be a scary affair, because a miss is usually a big miss. But, it can also be a lot of fun. My lessons will help turn fear into excitement. Turn those wedges into wands. And pull off some magical escapes to beat your friends…Ready?

When do we Pitch?

We will typically play this shot from 10 to 20 yards off the green. The situation will dictate what kind of pitch we will have to play. Much like a baseball pitcher selecting a pitch to strike out a batter. You will have to choose which pitch shot to play to get the ball close to the hole.

Generally a pitch shot will have to fly over some sort of obstacle. Imagine yourself with long grass, sand, elevation change or water between you and the hole.

Use my golf tips for pitching to learn the skills to make this shot happen. Once you are comfortable with the technique you can start playing the trajectory necessary for your situation. That is when the short game gets really fun!

What Club do we use to Pitch?

You can use a…

  • pitching wedge
  • sand wedge
  • gap wedge
  • lob wedge
  • 9-iron

Each will flight the ball a different height and have a different amount of roll afterward. We will discuss them all in my free pitching lessons. If you are able to use more than one club to hit a pitch shot, you certainly give yourself more options to be successful.

How do we hit the Pitch shot?

The pitch shot is really just a longer chip shot on the backswing, with a little more body turn on the downswing and follow through. My Golf Tips For Pitching will take you through the shot step by step and provide some drills to help you save those tough shots around the green. Learning to play these shots effectively can turn a good score into a great score.

So…let’s work on your pitch shots to help you reach your golf goals.