Golf Tips For Beginners & Advanced Golfers

Be Just Like a Legend

The most successful professional major tournament golfer to date, Jack Nicklaus, would spend the first two weeks of his pre-tournament season with his coach Jack Grout, focused entirely on the FUN-damentals of his game.

Mr. Nicklaus and Mr. Grout knew full well the importance of the basics. Even during his season he would, after three to four tournaments, go back and spend a full day of practice reviewing his grip, stance, posture and alignment.

Golf Tips for Beginners – For Everyone!

This section of titled “golf tips for beginners” is truly for players of all levels. It is amazing how our fundamentals can slip and that they always need to be revisited. The golf tips for beginners will help you keep a strong foundation.

The reason this section is titled “Golf Tips for Beginners” is because if a new player to the game took their time and learned these sound fundamentals it would make learning a sound swing much easier. I once had a former professional hockey player, who had never played golf before come for a lesson. He understood the value of the basics. We spent an entire hour working only on his grip stance and posture. It would be great if all new players were as patient as him.

The best part about these golf lessons is that no matter what your athletic ability level is, everyone can grip the club properly. Everyone can aim properly. Everyone can stand in a sound setup with the ball in the proper position.

Everyone can be a legend in fundamentals..

The reason everyone can do this properly is because all of these lessons happen before we start moving the club and our body for the swing. Not everyone will create speed in their swing like Tiger, Rory McIlroy or Jordan Speith (sorry!) but everyone can have just as good fundamentals. By learning these little secrets, you will give yourself the best opportunity to improve your distance, accuracy and scores.


If you are just starting to play golf or an experienced player, I recommend you begin with the Grip Lesson. Holding the club properly allows you to take full advantage of the rest of the golf lessons on my website. Once you feel comfortable with the golf grip, you can then choose any of the other lessons.

All of the fundamental drills and lessons on my website are fully illustrated with sequential still pictures and explained in a step-by-step manner.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the following link…

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