Golf Takeaway Drill

The Golf Takeaway Drill is great for getting the backswing started on the right line. If you have read through other parts of my site then you certainly know that I believe a good golf swing starts with a solid foundation. The fundamentals and pre-swing preparations are very important.

If you want to make sure your grip, stance and posture fundamentals are solid, please click here.

I also believe that the first two feet of movement in the backswing are critical for setting up a strong and efficient golf swing. That is why the Golf Takeaway Drill is so effective. It grooves the first couple of feet your club head will travel. If you repeat this drill over and over and get your club into a great position, then you set yourself up to complete an efficient backswing. This will reduce compensations or extra movements in your swing and make it easier to get into a great downswing.


You will need two clubs to perform this drill. One to put on the ground and one to swing. I recommend putting a longer iron (5 or 4) on the ground and using a short iron (8 or 9) to swing.

Once you get comfortable with the drill you can use any club to swing. In fact it is good to change clubs for this drill to get a feel for all of the clubs in your bag.


To setup the drill:

  • Take your normal golf stance.
  • Put the longer club on the ground between your feet.
  • Hook the head of the club around your target side heel so that the shaft angles out to touch the toes of your backside foot.
  • Adjust your feet and the club on the ground so that you maintain a fundamentally sound setup position.


To practice the drill:

  • Start your normal backswing.
  • Use your shoulders, arms and hands to move the club back along your target line.
  • Your target side shoulder should move along your toe line.
  • Your right hand should stay on top of the club. If it is underneath, there will be too much club rotation.

The drill objective is to:

  • Get the club in your hands to line up with the club on the ground.
  • Keep club on proper path.
  • Set up the rest of the backswing.

Key Notes:

  •  Keep your lower body relaxed.  I believe in keeping your hips relaxed and let your flexibility dictate when they turn in the backswing.  For most players your hips will be close to their address still position at this point in the swing.
  • If you have rotated your hips a lot at this position then you are likely losing power and consistency. The backswing should start with the upper body and the lower body will follow.
  • The triangle between the arms and shoulders should remain intact.
  • When you first start to practice this drill it is OK to turn your head to see your position. As seen in this picture.
  • Most swing errors at this stage are made by having the club head cross over the club on the ground too quickly.  When you look down the two clubs would form an 'X'.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!!! 

The only way to groove this position is through repetition. A great aspect about this drill is that you can practice this drill at your home or office. You don't need to be at the golf course.

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