Q & A: Golf Swing Research

Q&A: Golf Swing Research

what a great site - I'm going to try to employ your turn/ no slide non-weight shift idea tonight. What led you to this ideal vs. the leadbetter double axis post thought....where we get a little lateral to get over the right side....???

B.F. - USA


Thank you for sending in such a great question. I am glad that you enjoy the website. The simple answer to your question is that I have spent countless hours studying the great players of the game to develop my swing thoughts and concepts. I love studying this game and then trying to present to players from around the world in a way that will benefit their game.

Through my golf swing research I have looked for the similarities and differences from all kinds of players. It is possible to learn from everyone, the 30 handicapper to the top Tour players.

I believe that your body can be split in two (upper and lower)in order to make an effective swing. For instance during the backswing your whole body needs to turn together but only the weight of your upper body should shift to your back foot. When you watch the best players on TV you will see that their right hip turns behind them but their leg essentially does not move. I think people get into trouble when they start trying to shift their lower body weight to their back foot. This will cause the hip to pop out and up and make it harder to get back to the ball on the downswing.

The best example of Tour right now is Luke Donald. He is the best iron player on Tour yet his driving accuracy is way down the list. How can this be possible? Take a look at his right leg during his iron vs his driver swing.

Watch how steady his right leg is during the above video with his irons. Now check out the video below and watch where his right leg starts on the "M" on the tournament sign behind him. Now during the first few frames of the video watch how his leg moves to the right and covers up more of the 'M". He then has to shift that same amount back during his downswing in order to hit the ball solidly.

I understand that he is trying to get a little more yardage out of his tee shot, but I am not sure it is worth such a large sacrifice in accuracy with the driver.

If I were to work with Luke Donald, that is the area I would start to improve his driver accuracy.

In my golf swing research I found this great video of Dustin Johnson.

As a counter video to Luke Donald with the driver, here is a video of Dustin Johnson. It is a great comparison video. Pay very close attention to Johnson's right leg in relation to the sign behind him. You will notice that his leg never gets closer to the words on the sign. This helps him be more consistent with no loss of power. IN fact it helps him hit it farther.

I believe the key to an efficient golf swing is to eliminate any unnecessary movement. Extra movement makes it harder to have great timing, and you need great timing to play great golf. If you shift your weight of your lower body onto your back foot you are creating unnecessary motion that can only hurt your game.

Thank you for your great question. I hope you found this golf swing fix helpful. I will always continue my golf swing research to continually learn about this great sport.

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