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Question: Fixing a golf slice

I have taken a look at your site and the information and lessons there are really useful. I was just wondering if you had any tips or drills to help get the bottom hand more active in the golf swing. I am a left hand dominant who plays golf right handed. I have recently realised that a lot of my problems stem from myleft side dragging the club across the line and causing a rather horrible left/right slice.


B.S. - Australia


Thank you for an excellent question. There are many players out there in the same situation in that their dominant hand is different from the side they swing the golf club. In Canada, it is often the opposite than you situation. Due to many people playing ice hockey as youngsters they are right hand dominant but play hockey left handed. Then they make the transition to golf and they continue to play golf left handed.

This can be a real advantage because your dominant hand is your control hand. This usually means that your hands will lead your club face into impact. This is critical for hitting good shots. It helps you maintain your angle and avoids the classic 'flip' of the hands through the ball.

Now...there is a danger. If the left hand becomes too dominant then the right hand never gets a chance to release through impact and can create a wicked golf slice. The number one cause of this is grip pressure. If your hands are too tight on the club, then your wrists will be too tight and your forearms will also be too tight. If that is the case, your forearms can't rotate properly and your wrists won't release the club through the ball.

The best self check is to look at the back of your left hand at impact. If it is pointing to the right of your target then your clubface will be open. This is typically brought on by too much tension and the open face causes the slice. You will need to get the back of your left hand to face your target as that will help square your clubface.

Check out Matteo Manassero in slow motion. If you pause the video at the 8th second you will see his impact position. His arms are as relaxed as they can be and the back of his glove is facing his target. If he had too much tension and the clubface was going to be left open and cause a slice then his glove would be facing the camera.

The key is to relax your hands as much as possible through the shot. Our arms and wrists will release naturally if they are free of tension. Think of only having just enough tension to hold onto the golf club.

If you can take the tension out of your hands and arms, you may find that you will increase your club head speed for more distance while eliminating the golf slice.

The other key is to 'shake hands with the target'. This means that after impact and your club becomes parallel to the ground you want your right hand to be able to come off the club and shake hands with your target. Take a look at this video of Martin Kaymer as an example of this position. Try pausing it at the 11th second to get the best view.

Thank you for your great question. I hope you found this answer helpful. If you have anymore questions please send them in by clicking below.

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