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The Stroke Saving Shots

This set of lessons is designed to make your short game as versitile as possible. What makes golf such an interesting and challenging game is that every shot is it's own unique challenge. What separates the pros from the good amateurs and from the weekend player is the ability to adapt to the many different challenges that face them in the course a game.

We always hear on televised golf tournaments how a player really used his or her imagination for a particular shot. These lessons are a starting point to build your own repertoire and increase your creativity around the greens.

Yes...we are talking about practice...

Like all shots in golf, these shots must be practiced regularily to be effective. There is no magic potion to be great at short game. It simply takes a love of the short game and a willingness to practice. Most players spend way too much time practicing the full swing and far too little time practicing the short game.

I have worked with players who had no care of the short game before we started working together. Now they understand its importance and are passionate about being great around the greens. It is no surprise that it is the their change in attitude that has helped them reach some of their golf goals. 

Hopefully these shots will not be needed on a regular basis, however, it is great to pull off a great shot when faced with the situation. If you like to play matches against your friends or are considering qualifying for your National Championship (amateur or professional), imagine the confidence of finishing off one of those events with a short game shot you have practiced...much better than standing over the ball unsure of how to deal with the situation.

Let's get started with these lessons so that you will be ready to face any situation around the greens.

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