Golf Short Game Tips:
Chip-Putt Stance and Set Up

This is the Chip-Putt Setup Lesson.These golf short game tips are designed to show you how to set up properly to hit the chip-putt shot. A proper set up and stance is something that every golfer can do, no matter what your ability level.

You will find that this lesson is very similar to the Putting Setup Lesson. The Chip-Putt is really just using your putting stance and stroke with a more lofted club. This is truly a combination of chipping and putting; hence the name 'chip-putt'.

Well...let's work on building a set up routine for hitting the chip-putt...

Golf Short Game Tips Step #1 :
Club Down First

  • Take your grip.
  • Place your club behind the ball, so that your club is aiming at your target.
  • Keep your feet close together. This will make sure that all your focus is on placing your club in it's proper place.
  • There is nothing is more important than putting your club down first. It is the only way to make sure that you will aim properly. Aiming is critical to hitting great shots. If you are playing the chip putt then you are really trying to get the ball close, or even hole the shot. You have to start with proper aim to give yourself a chance to be successful. Please make sure you put your club down first.

Golf Short Game Tips Step #2 : Set Your Feet

  • Spread your feet so that the outside edges of your shoes are shoulder width apart. This will give you better balance through your stroke. It is okay...if you are used to putting with either a slightly wider or narrower stance. If you have been struggling with your putting the you may want to try this method for both types of shots.
  • When you set your feet you can choose a square, open or closed stance. This picture shows a square stance, which I recommend more often than not. If you would like to see the other stance options, please check out Putting Alignment Lessons.
  • Your knees and hips should follow your feet. They should all point in the same direction...square, open or closed.
  • You should also have a slight bend in your knees. Just enough so that if your knees were locked you would just pop them out of that position. This will give you a feeling of soft knees for comfortable, athletic position.

Golf Short Game Tips Step #3 :
Square Shoulders

Golf Short Game Tips Step #4 :
Hand and Ball Position

  • You should position the ball so that is slightly ahead of the middle of your heels. This will allow you to strike the ball solidly with the leading edge of your club.
  • Your hands should be even with the ball. This will also give you the best opportunity for good contact. A great test for hand position is to let go of your club while in your set up position. The grip end of your club should touch the inside of your left leg.

Thank you for taking this lesson. When you are fully comfortable with the grip and stance for the chip putt you can then move on to the Chip Putt Stroke Lesson. It is very important for you to have the proper foundation before you start building your stroke. You could have a great stroke but if you are not set up properly then you are not taking advantage of your stroke.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you achieve your golf goals sooner with the help of

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