Golf Sand Shots:
Advanced Golf Grip Lesson

This is the Grip Lesson for Advanced Golf Sand Shots. This lesson is designed to give you routine that will put your hands in the proper position every time you pick up your club. The importance of setting your hands properly, can not be fully explained or expressed with words.

Please trust in the fact that it is vital to have a good grip in order to make consistently good shots. This grip will be the same as the grip you use for your full swing, but we are going to change the position of the club in your hands.

These pictures were taken from your “eyes” view. They will represent what it looks like when you look down at your own hands and club as you build your grip. Try and put your hands into the positions that the pictures give. It is a nice routine to follow to ensure you have a great grip.

Golf Sand Shots Step #1 – The Usual Routine

  • Hold your left hand out in front of you so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Line up the grip end of your sand wedge across your knuckles so that it touches the fleshy part just above your knuckle on your index finger. And that also touches your knuckle on the palm side of your pinkie finger.
  • Make sure the grooves on you club face are pointing straight up to the sky. This means that your club face is square.

Golf Sand Shots Step #2 – Open the Face

  • Keep your left hand in the same position. Do not let the club slide out of position across those knuckles.
  • Rotate your club, before wrapping your fingers around the club, so that you are looking straight at the face of the club. The grooves should not be straight up and down, but instead on about a 45 degree angle.
  • This puts your club in an open position. This is the key to advanced sand play.

An open face will allow you to...

  • Use the proper bounce angle of your sand wedge so that it does not dig too deep into the sand during impact.
  • Increases the loft of your sand wedge so you can hit higher shots that land softer on the green.
  • Be more versatile with your sand wedge to get the ball closer to hole in a variety of situations.

Golf Sand Shots Step #3 – Left Hand On

  • Keeping the club in the same place across the knuckles of your left hand, wrap your fingers around the club.
  • Keep your left thumb tucked into the side of your left palm. This keeps your grip snug, and helps keep a short thumb. A short thumb is one that stays tucked up close to the palm. It creates much better stability and control over the golf club, especially at the top of the back swing. A long thumb extends down the club and creates a gap. This will usually make your swing a little loose and too long at the top of your back swing, so that you will have less control over your golf club.
  • By closing the gap you will see a line created by your hand and thumb. This line should point to the left of your club head. If it points at the club head or to the right, then your left hand is not in a good position.

Golf Sand Shots Step #4 – Right Hand Position

  • Keep your left hand in position.
  • Place your right hand so that your palm is facing you and so that the club is touching in between your first and second knuckles.
  • This sets up your right hand for the next step.

Golf Sand Shots Step #5 – Right Hand On

  • Wrap the fingers of your right hand around your club.
  • You can use whichever grip is the most comfortable to you...overlap, interlock, or baseball. Please see Back to Basics Grip Lesson for more details.
  • Your right palm should fit snugly over the thumb of your left hand.
  • You want your left thumb to fit into the crease formed by the fleshy part of your right thumb and palm. This is where your life line is.
  • Make sure that the clubface is still open.

Golf Sand Shots Step #6 – The Finish

  • When you put your club down to the ball you will see that the face is wide open.
  • Your right hand and thumb also form a line. It should be parallel to the mile made by your left hand. This allows the hands to work as one unit and not fight each other throughout the swing.
  • If you were to continue the lines down to the ground they would finish ahead of your club (to the left of your club). This means they are in a strong position. If your lines are aimed at your club, or behind it then you are in a weak position and that will lead to inconsistent shots.

Golf Sand Shots - A Word On Grip Pressure

How hard do you hold the club? I have always liked using the steering wheel analogy. Hold your club like you would your steering wheel, if your were going for a nice quiet Sunday drive. This means there is no traffic, no meetings, and no screaming kids. It is a relaxing drive.

You probably only have one hand on the wheel(no I am not suggesting you hit your sand shots with one hand...although that is a great way to practice!!). The key is that you are tension free and have control of the car. That is what you want with your tension but control of your club.

Thank you for taking the Grip Lesson for Advanced Golf Sand Shots. The grip is very important to hitting great bunker shots, but for advanced sand play you must have a matching setup position to take advantage of the proper grip. Once you feel comfortable with the grip, you should move on to the Advanced Sand Play Setup Lesson.

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Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of

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