Advanced Golf Sand Play Lessons

These lessons are designed for the players that are comfortable with getting the ball out of the sand traps every time. These lessons will help make your bunker play much more versatile. They will help you get your ball closer to the hole from a variety of situations.

You may have a great round going and then dump an approach shot into the bunker. You may need to get up and down to shoot a career best score. These lessons will help give you the skills and confidence to make the shot when it counts.

There are some nasty sand traps out there (see picture above) that will test your versatility and creativity.

One Constant : Hit The Sand

There certainly is one constant in almost every bunker shotyou must hit the sand first.  All the techniques and strategies in the following lessons are focused around making contact with the sand to push the ball onto the green. Contacting the ball first tends to lead to another sand shot, chip or pitch from the other side of the green.

When you contact the sand and slide your club under the ball, the sand will push your ball out of the trap. By playing the shot this way your ball will exit the trap higher and softer. This means it will land gently on the green without too much roll. You will have more control on the height and shot, as well as controlling the distance.

Be Open…To Change

The most important difference between the Basic and Advanced lessons is the opening of your club and stance. This is critical in your short game and sand development. Please take your time with the grip, stance and alignment lessons. It is very important that you clearly understand those lessons. It has been my experience that this where most people struggle with golf sand play. It is not the actual swing that is the problem, but the different setup fundamentals. If you lock those down it will be far easier to develop your game.

So let’s grab your wedges and work on developing your sand skills as well as your creativity so that every bunker shot you face will be challenging but not scary.

So let’s work on your game and then get out and play.