Golf Putting Grip Lesson

This is the Reverse Overlap Golf Putting Grip Lesson. This lesson is designed to help you put your hands on your putter in a comfortable and effective way. If you watch golf on TV then you will see many different ways to hold your putter. So which do you choose?

It truly is personal preference. I would recommend starting with the most commonly used grip. It is called the Reverse Overlap Grip. It really is not as complicated as it sounds. Just follow the steps and you can form a solid grip for hitting your putts.

The grip is so important in golf because your hands are the only things touching the club. Take the time you need to learn a proper grip, you will be very thankful later…when you are shooting lower scores.

There is one recurring theme throughout this lesson. It is extremely important, and you must follow this rule to form a good grip…

The palms of your two hands must face each other.

I know it sounds a little strange but it is tremendously helpful when making your putting stroke. Your palms facing will help a lot in keeping your putter straight during your stroke. Okay…now that we know the rule, let’s build a putting grip.

The pictures that were taken for this lesson are from your “eyes” view. This means that the pictures will be what you should see if you were to look down at your own hands on the club. So…grab your putter and copy the positions in the pictures. They should help you build a solid putting grip.


Golf Putting Grip Step #1: Palms Facing

  • Place your hands on your putter so that the palms face each other. (See…I was not kidding!)
  • Take a few strokes with your hands in this position to get a feel for how stable your putter can be with your palms facing.

Golf Putting Grip Step #2: Split Hands

  • Let your right hand slide down the grip.
  • Make sure your palms are still facing each other.
  • Take a few practice strokes so that you get a feel for one hand being below the other.
  • Also feel the putter stability with your palms still facing.

Notice how the face of the putter does not turn the putter much.That’s good…the more the putter head twists the harder it is to start your ball on line.

Golf Putting Grip Step #3: Index Out

  • Take your right hand off the club.
  • Wrap the fingers of your left hand around the club.
  • Stick your left thumb down the middle of the shaft. This will help keep your palms facing each other.
  • Take your index finger and stick it out to the side. This is to create room for your right hand.

You want your hands to be as close to each other as possible so that they can work together as one unit.

Golf Putting Grip Step #4:
Right Hand on to Finish

  • Place your right hand on the club so that your pinkie touches the middle finger of your left hand. Remember your left index is still pointing to the side.
  • Your right thumb should point down the middle of the shaft just like your left thumb. This keeps your palms facing each other.
  • Let your left index finger rest on top of your right pinkie.

Your grip is now finished.

A Final Check

This view is looking at the back of your left hand. There are a couple of things to note from this picture:

  • See how your index finger should only overlap your pinkie.
  • Don’t cross all your right hand fingers with your left index finger. This will turn your left palm out of position.

As you already know the number one key to a good grip is having your palms facing each other.

  • Your left thumb fits very easily into the palm of your right hand.
  • It should fit into the crease formed a long your right hand life line.
  • IN fact, if you find your hands are a little over active in your stroke you can get your grip to feel more in your palms of your hands. This will also keep the palms facing each other.

That is four easy steps to a good grip. The best way to practice this is while watching TV. Pick up your putter and practice the four steps, then put the club down. Pick it up and try it again…and again…and again…you get the idea.

It is also a great idea to refer back to this lesson every once and a while. This helps keep you fundamentally sound. Without a good grip…it is very hard to hit great putts.

Thank you for reading the Reverse Overlap Grip Putting Lesson. I certainly hope it helps your game by giving you the knowledge and understanding of how to build a solid putting grip. If you would like to continue the Putting Lessons in order then please go to the Putting Setup Lesson next.