Welcome to an exciting opportunity!  If you are looking for a golf lessons membership, then look no further.  We can work together from anywhere in the world and at any time.  All you need is an iPhone or iPad and a desire to improve your golf game!!

Players that sign up for my Video Exchange Golf Lessons Membership will receive the following benefits:

  • Private video/picture vault for player and coach
  • A personalized player development program 
  • Unlimited picture and video postings by player
  • Pictures/videos of tips and drill posted by me 
  • Unlimited information exchange 
  • Re-evaluation of development program as the player improves


I welcome you to try my Video Exchange Golf Lessons Membership for 30 days for FREE.  This free trial will give you the opportunity to test my lesson program and all its benefits.  Please take a few seconds to fill in the form below to start your 30 day free trial.

I will only use your personal information for the purposes of my video exchange program.  I will never release your personal information to any other source.

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My program is a great platform to learn and develop your skills.  Using an iPad or iPhone, we will use the Shared Photo Stream to create a private lesson vault.  Only you, the player and me, the coach, will have access the vault created for you.  

Once you complete the short sign up form you will receive an email from me with instructions for setting up the Shared Photo Stream and a list of recommended videos that you should post to your vault.  Then once that is complete I will also send you, via email, a player profile form to complete. It is with all this information that I can create and send to you your personalized player development plan.

I will then start adding comments directly on your pictures and videos provided.  You will be able keep my comments and pictures/videos together for easy reference.  I will also add pictures and videos of swings and drills to help you achieve your golf goals.

You can then take those comments and drills and start working on your game.  Feel free to post as many videos as you can to your vault.  You can post videos from every practice session if you want.  You can post videos of yourself performing the drills and I can provide comments and tips to ensure you are doing them correctly.  You can provide feedback on the drills and swing development and I can provide even further comments.

In fact, what we are creating is an on-going conversation.  I love teaching live golf lessons, however, that time is limited.  This is an on-going conversation and exchanging of information geared towards you helping you reach your golf goals.


The picture below is an example of what our exchange would look like.  This is a snapshot of a video of one of my players.  As you can see, after review, my comments are attached in the right hand column.  This way you can take the lessons and tips wherever you go.  You can review at home on your iMac, or take the information with you to your practice facility on your iPad or iPhone.

In order to help you develop and reach your golf goals I will post my own videos to your personal vault.  The videos will be of golf drills that will be tailored to your player development program.  Some will be drills for the range, while others will be drills you can perform at your home or office.



There are many live golf lessons that will cost you $50 for 30 minutes of instruction.  There are also online golf lessons for $50.  However, they are only 3-5 lessons.  My offer is for a continuous exchange of information and unlimited golf lessons for each paid month.


My Video Exchange Golf Lessons Membership is for you.  It is for any player who has a passion to improve.  It is for any player who enjoys developing their game.  It is for any player who enjoys the process of becoming a better player.  

Are you a player who wants to improve?  Are you a player that travels a lot for work?  Are you a player with a young family? Are you a player that has a constantly changing schedule? Are you a player who needs to learn on your own schedule?  Are you a player who wants a cost effective way of improving their game?

Are you any of those examples?

These are just a few of the reasons to take advantage of my program.


The sign up is very fast and easy.  Please complete the form below to start your 30 free trial.  

FREE Trial Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this exciting opportunity.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

I look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your golf goals.


Kris Ruiter