Golf Drills To Reach Your Goals

This section is devoted to providing players with sound golf drills to improve their game. One of the most difficult things in golf is to make every practice session effective. How many times have you gone out to practice, hit a bucket of balls, and not felt like you got anything accomplished? Too many...myself included.

This section is to help make every practice session effective. Here you will find key golf drills that will help you develop faster during your practice sessions. The golf drills are broken down into full swing, short game and putting.

Please find below the different sections of drills. Please click on the section you would like to access to improve your game.





Each drill also links back to the instruction section of the website to which it corresponds. That way you can learn more about that particular aspect of the swing.

The golf drills break down the swing into smaller sections. It is often easier to isolate and improve a particular part of the golf swing than to try and change the whole swing at once. 

A key thing I learned through competitive basketball was that my coach always had a plan for every practice. Every minute of practice was accounted for and he was very good of making use of every minute! 

When I transitioned from competitive basketball to competitive golf I tried to incorporate the same philosophy into my golf practice. I would develop a practice plan for every practice session. I highly encourage every player to do the same thing. It helps prevent your session from being unproductive. 

When I work with a player I inevitably step in and break up the practice session with a story. I usually start with the same story, so long as they have not heard it before. It is a story about Ben Hogan. He set the bar for hard work and practice in his era. No one hit balls like Hogan. However, he also said that he did not hit more than 22 balls in a row. He would hit 22 and then take a break and then go back and hit 22 more. He felt that was his limit of concentration. Anymore than that and he felt he was wasting practice time. 

If Ben Hogan felt his limit for effective practice was 22 shots then we should probably hit balls in sets of 15. If you put together a practice plan with some of these golf drills then you have a better chance of maximizing your practice time like Hogan. 

A few months ago I tweeted about Jason Dufner. I was watching my favorite show on the Golf Channel, "On The Range", and they interviewed Dufner. They asked him what he was working on and he listed three key things. He then went on to say that he only works on one at a time. That was a very important statement. It means that he breaks his swing down into more manageable sections. He also uses drills to help him have an effective practice session. 

I hope you find these way to practice helpful in developing a practice plan and making your practice sessions more effective. Controlled, specific practice will help you develop your game much quicker than just pounding a bucket of balls. 

Good luck with your practice and playing. May you reach your golf goals sooner!

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