Power Tips: Golf Down Swing

The Wall Drill: Make a Great Golf Down Swing Move

This is a continuation from the Golf Shoulder Turn Drill. If you didn’t see it, please check it out by clicking here before moving on to this month’s tip.

In the previous drill we used the wall to set up our back swing. We are now going to use that position and the wall to help us make a better move back down to the golf ball. It is very important to use the right sequence when starting our move to hit the golf ball. You want to start from the ground up. This means the feet move first, followed by the knees, hips and then the upper body and arms. This is the sequence we need to use in order to get the club in the right position in order to hit a solid golf shot.

Use this version of the wall drill to help you get into that position.

Click here to watch the video version

The Wall Drill Part 2

Getting Started - Step 1

Start the drill with your right fist resting on your hip. This is the same start as last month. Your elbow should be touching the wall. This will give you enough room to do the drill.

Golf Down Swing Wall Drill - Step 2

Make your back swing so that you hands are even on the wall about shoulder height. This is also from previous drill. This is important because it helps you get into a powerful position.

Golf Down Swing Wall Drill - Step 3

This step is to get the feel of using your lower body to start the move from the top of your backswing. Leaving your hands where they are, gently start turning your hips towards your target. You only need to turn them a couple of inches to get the feel of the right sequence. You should feel a stretch in your back and that your hands want to slide down the wall. That is a great feeling because it will lead you into step #4. Your back should still be turned away from the target.

Golf Down Swing Wall Drill - Step 4

Keep turning your hips towards your target and let your hands slide down the wall. Your hands should be together with only your fingertips touching the wall. Your hands should also be around waist high at this point in the downswing. This will get your hands and club into what a lot of instructors call the ‘slot’. The ‘slot’ is the most powerful and accurate place to be on the downswing. When your club is there you can be very consistent.

Golf Down Swing Wall Drill - Step 5

Keep rotating your hips and allow your hands to come off the wall into the impact zone. Your hips should be almost facing the target, while your shoulders will be parallel to your target line. Your hands should be together and your left wrist should be flat. That is a great sign that you are in a great hitting position.

Just for Fun - Try the Comparison

Just for fun…start the drill again but move your shoulders first without moving your hips. Your hands should pull away from the wall very quickly. This is what causes the ‘over the top’ move that causes slices and poor contact.

If you practice this drill for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you can make a big impact on your ball striking. It will help stretch and strengthen your golf muscles as well as put you in a great position to hit it long.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you ‘Play Your Golf Dreams’ sooner with the help of free-golf-lessons.com.

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