How To Tee Up Your Golf Ball

Welcome to the Teeing the Golf Ball Lesson. This lesson is designed to show you how to tee up your ball. It will show you the easiest way to tee up your ball, but also the different heights the tee should be based on the club you might be using. It is important to tee the ball up properly because you do it every hole you play. Again, this a simple yet over looked task that if done well can make hitting the ball much easier.

The First Rule of Tees: ALWAYS USE A TEE! Whether you are on a crazy long par 5 or a tiny par 3...always put your ball on a tee. It is the only time during the hole that your allowed to, so take advantage of that opportunity. Even when using a sand putting the ball on a tee you are giving yourself a slight edge in hitting a quality shot.

Step One :
Ball on Tee in Hand

  • Put the tee between your fingers.
  • Put the golf ball on top of the tee in your hand.

Step Two :
Pushing The Tee Into Ground

  • Using your palm, push down on top of your golf ball. This will push your tee into the ground.
  • This is the easiest way to get the tee in the ground especially if the ground is very dry and hard.
  • Trying to push the tee into the ground with your thumb or fingers is too difficult and can hurt your fingers.

Step Three :
Teeing Up for a Short Iron (6,7,8,9,PW, SW)

  • When you tee up for a short iron, put the tee so that it is almost all the way into the ground. Your golf ball should be sitting just above the ground.
  • You would normally hit the ball with a short iron right off the ground, so you will want to make sure it is as close to the ground as possible. If you do then you will get the same height and distance you are used to getting with that club. This is very important for a tee shot on a par three as you are trying to land the ball on the green...and there is usually trouble lurking for errant shots.
  • Then why not forget the tee, right? Well, using a tee gives you a slight margin for error to help ensure crisp contact.

Step Four:
Teeing Up for a Hybrid/Long Iron/Fairway Wood (3,4,5irons,7wood, 5 wood, 3 wood)

  • When teeing up a hybrid/long iron/fairway wood you want the golf ball to sit a little higher than a with a short iron. That is because we want to sweep the ball off the tee with the longer clubs.
  • Teeing the ball half an inch off the ground encourages you to get the ball up in the air a little easier so that you can hit it farther and straighter.
  • If you tee the ball too high with these clubs it makes it harder to hit the sweet spot of the club face. Missing the sweet spot will cause you to lose distance and accuracy.

Step Five :
Teeing Up Your Driver

  • When you tee up your driver you want to be sure you tee your golf ball high enough. A good rule of thumb is that the half of your ball should sit above the top of your driver.
  • I have always taught that it is better to be a little higher than that, especially if you are new to golf. You truly want to sweep the ball off the tee when hitting with your driver. Teeing it up a little higher encourages the proper sweeping action.
  • People often think that they will go right under the ball and hit it too high, but it fact that rarely happens. However, if your ball is teed up too low then instead of sweeping we end up coming down on the ball. This loses a ton of distance, and that is generally when you will it off the top of the club face. That is how you hit the dreaded 'sky ball'.
  • Make sure you tee it high enough to maximize your distance and accuracy.

Thank you for taking the Teeing the Golf Ball Lesson. By teeing your ball the right height for the club your are using, you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success. Use this lesson to help guide you in teeing the ball the proper height. It truly is a guide as you may modify your tee height slightly based on your individual swing. This is a very personal game played with a universal framework.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you 'Play Your Golf Dreams' sooner with the help of

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