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How do you get the club to be pointing to the target I see in your pics without moving the arms in the backswing? I do the wall drill and love it, but my club is almost straight up?

M.U. - USA


This is an excellent question. First of all I am glad you find the 'wall drill' helpful. I have always been fond of that golf backswing tip to help get the shoulders turning properly. (For those who have not seen it please click here Wall Drill)

The one word answer to your question is flexibility. This is truly what determines how long a backswing you should make. The majority of Tour players are using the concept of a BIG shoulder/chest/back turn and a short arm swing. This means that the only way they get the club to point at the target is by working on their flexibility.

We all know that Tiger changed the game in many ways. There were many who spoke at length about his ground breaking weight training and fitness regiments. However, very few spoke about his stretching program. However, it was the combination of the two that set the new standard that is common place today. To be an elite player today you have to train both on and off the course.

The same can be said for every player. If you can improve your flexibility it will allow you to make a bigger turn, without having your arms move without your body.

The longer answer is more about a concept than anything else. There has been a long belief that the top of the backswing should have your club pointing at the target with the shaft parallel to the ground. This is an ideal position...but it should not be achieved at all costs. It is not the best position if you compromise the other swing elements to make it happen.

Let's check out a couple of Tour players as examples...

Rory McIlroy

This is Rory McIlroy's swing. You can see that his turn is so big that his back looks like it faces the camera. Now that's flexible!! Even though he turns that far, his arms don't go farther than his turn and his club does not point to the target.

Camilo Villegas

How about Camilo Villegas? Here is another young talent that follows this swing concept.

Steve Stricker

How about Steve Stricker? Looks a lot like your description.

Thank you for your great question. I hope you found this answer helpful. If you have anymore questions please send them in by clicking below.

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