Video Golf Back Swing Tip:
Wall Drill

This Golf Back Swing Tip is for anyone who wants easy power. it also for a player who wants more accuracy and better ball striking. This is a great tip and drill because I believe we are all looking for more power and accuracy.  This drill is designed to get you in a great back swing position so that you can develop consistent ball contact. That alone will help you it farther and straighter. In technical "Trackman" terms...we want to increase our 'smash factor'.

All you need for this drill is a wall of your house or office. You don’t need a club for this drill. You are going to get a great feeling for how to turn your chest and shoulders on your back swing to be in the most powerful position you can.

Click Here for a still picture version of the

Video Golf Backswing Tip: Wall Drill


I received a question and comment through the Qs & As section of my website pertaining to this lesson. Please click below to see the comment and a deeper explanation of the drill and how it relates to the weight shift in the backswing.

July 24, 2011 - Shoulder Turn - Weight Shift - A.J. - USA

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