Golf Apparel

How can you tell we are in the age of technology? When golf apparel companies claim that their shirts should be considered a part of your equipment. They have moisture management systems; they are lightweight and keep you cool in the heat of the battle. I guess they truly are a part of new age golf equipment.

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Dress Code Etiquette

It is true that golf is a game which involves a great many traditions and etiquette. How closely these traditions are followed vary from course to course. If you are unsure what to wear at a certain golf course, then there is no harm in calling ahead. It’s better to have the appropriate clothing, than being turned away from the course.

Here is a quick guideline for both men and women:


  • Slacks or Bermuda-length golf shorts (knee length)
  • Collared golf shirts (mock turtleneck golf shirts are acceptable)


  • Slacks or Bermuda-length golf shorts
  • Collared golf shirts
  • Sleeveless/collarless golf shirts

Typically these clothes are not acceptable:

  • Denim jeans, slacks or shorts
  • Athletic shorts including beach or bathing suit style
  • Athletic warm-up suits
  • T-shirts or tank tops


There is one thing…I will not be giving fashion tips. I am certainly not a fashion expert. You are going to have to choose color schemes and patters that you like. I can only give you honest reviews on the clothing for its feel and playability.

Under Armour
What do you want out of the golf shirt that you wear to play or practice? I know that may seem like a funny question but technology is not just for launching tee shots. Do the shirts you wear feel hot when you play in the middle of summer? Do they feel heavy on a hot day? If they get wet from some rain, do they dry quickly?

Under Armour golf apparel is loaded with technology that helps you stay dryer, cooler and lighter through all 18 holes or hours of practice.

This is an easy review to write because I truly love Under Armour gear. I think all their gear is great. My absolute favorites are their golf shirts. I almost always wear one when I go out to play or practice. In fact, I am wearing a UA shirt in every picture on my site! See the logo…

I find the shirts to be extremely lightweight and very comfortable. They are great on hot days. The shirts are designed to stay dry even if you perspire. They move the moisture from the inner layer of the shirt to the outer layer. This allows the moisture to evaporate in the air and wind. I find this works very well as I stay dry throughout my whole round. Even if I get caught in a bit a rain the shirts dry very quickly. I find this helps my swing because my shirt does not ever get stuck to my skin. I can maintain a nice free swing no matter what the conditions.

They have golf apparel available for men, women, boys, girls, and they even do team or club logos. How great would that look for you golf club’s team inter-club matches?