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Free Online Golf Lessons? Really?  Yes, really!  Why? To help grow the game.  I love to teach and I love to help people.  I want everyone to get as much enjoyment out of golf as possible.  It can and should be a lifelong journey of learning and enjoyment. 

My Mission is:

“To grow the game of golf with knowledge and passion.”

My Goal is:

“To help everyone seeking improvement."

Do you want help with your game? Then you have come to the right place.  Try any of the following options will work for you or please suggest another way I can reach more players.


Are you looking for a quick tip?  Then ask me through Twitter.  Tweet me a question, a picture or video.  Then follow me on Twitter @RuiterGolf for more tips, analysis and other golf related tweets.

 Apple Shared Stream/Google Photos

Are you looking for more in depth and continuous lessons?  Are you looking for a way to keep the tips and lessons all in one place and at your finger tips at all times?  

Then invite me to a shared album through Apple Shared Stream or Google Photos.  This way you can upload videos or pictures of your swing for me to analyze.  I can then attach comments to your videos and pictures, and I can even upload some of my own pictures and videos to help your game.

Send your invitation to:


Not a fan of social media? No worries, just send me an email.  Send me your questions, pictures and videos by email.

Please send them to me via my Contact Me page. 


Do you like posting to YouTube? Then post a video and send me the link via my Contact Me page. I will be able to analyze and respond back through the comments section. 

You can also follow my channel for more videos to improve your game. 

These are several ways to get my free help for your game. Please choose whichever method suits you best.  I truly look forward to helping you with your game.  I am excited to help with your putting, short game, driver or whatever area needs help.

All it takes is a desire to learn, a desire to improve and the desire to ask a question.  A question and a computer and you have access to me and my golf lessons.  

I look forward to meeting you soon.

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