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What are my Free Online Golf Lessons?

They are my sequential still picture lessons, video lessons, analysis of top tour players, tips in blogs and tweets.  My Free Online Golf Lessons are a step-by-step illustrated instructional guide for all of the fundamentals to a better golf game. These Golf Lessons include:

If you are new to golf, start with the fundamentals and build yourself a great foundation.  If you are an experienced player then pick the area of your game you would like to improve.  But, if you are not sure where to start then I highly recommend working on your short game

Why Are My Golf Lessons Free?

My mission is:

"To help players worldwide to reach their golf goals through access to high quality golf instruction."

My Free Golf Lessons are the most complete set of illustrated golf lessons on the internet, so why are we just giving them away? The reasons are actually quite simple.

I want to give you the best possible opportunity to improve you golf game. Detailed Picture Sequences, with helpful captions that truly capture the key elements of the game. I want you to be able to use these Free Golf Lessons and Tips to take your game to the next level.

Maybe you just starting this great game, maybe you want to play golf with your Potential Clients or get ready for your Company Golf Tournament. No matter what level player you are, or what your motivation is for improving, these lessons can help you achieve your golf goals.

The most difficult aspect to golf is time.  It takes time to play, time to practice and time to improve.  My website is designed to help make your learning more portable and more efficient use of your time.

I hope that becomes your primary resource for developing your golf game and reaching your golf goals. If you have any questions or comments your game or our site please don't hesitate to contact us.

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I certainly share your passion for this wonderful sport and wish you all the best as you strive to improve you game.  

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