Free Golf Instruction:
 Driver Setup

This is the Driver Setup Lesson.This free golf instruction is designed to help you create a routine that will help you setup the same way every time. It is very important that you have a great setup for every shot...but especially with the driver.

It is the club that you are going to hit your ball the longest. A poor setup can affect distance and accuracy. What's the point in hitting a solid shot with your driver with an inefficient setup? You will end up hitting it farther off course... and into deeper trouble! However, we can make a simple routine that will get you in the right position every time.

Since working on the setup position is considered boring by most players it is often neglected. This is really unfortunate because it is really hard to improve without a good setup. If you don't have a good setup and you hit a bad shot how will you know if it's your swing or your setup that is the problem?

So many times players hit bad shots after making a great swing...the problem is their setup position. They then try to make changes in their swing, when there is actually nothing wrong with it. Tinkering with their swing leads to even bigger problems. Everything could have been avoided by following a simple setup routine to ensure a great setup position. To be truly effective you must follow this routine for every shot...both during practice and playing.

Free Golf Instruction Step #1 :
Club Down First

Always put your club down first aiming at your target. I can't stress enough how important it is to do this action first. Changing this action alone can help boost your shot consistency.  This is a critical step in a good setup. Aiming your club first ensures that you are aiming your club at your target.

Trick: Keep your feet staggered and close together. 

Please see the Aiming the Driver Lesson for more details on alignment.

Free Golf Instruction Step #2 :
Feet Together

  • After getting your club down first, start your setup with your feet together.
  • Your ball should line up between your toes.
  • This will also help you get your feet set properly in the next couple of steps

Free Golf Instruction Step #3 :
Move Your Target Foot First
(Left foot right handed players)

  • Start by moving your target side foot so that the inside of your target side foot lines up with your target side armpit.
  • This is an important move because we vary the width of our stance when we use different clubs. The longer the club the wider the stance.  The Driver is the longest club and therefore takes the widest stance.
  • This is key for your swing with the Driver as it will keep your swing lower to the ground longer, creating a bigger swing arc and a better path into the ball.
  • The most consistent way to do this is to move your target side foot a few inches towards the target every time. Then move your back foot depending on which club you are using.

Free Golf Instruction Step #4 :
Move Your Back Foot
(Right foot for right handed players)

  • Move your back foot so that the instep is lined up with the outside edge of your back shoulder. This will create a stable base for your swing.
  • Great balance helps make great contact.  The driver is also the longest club in your bag, which therefore will create the longest swing. You will want to have a wider stance to help keep you on balance as you generate more power.
  • The wider stance will help flatten your swing so that you can sweep your golf ball right off the tee and hit it long and straight. It will help keep you club lower to the ground on the takeaway.
  • By following this routine, your will automatically have great ball position each time you use your driver.  Consistency is a key to success. Please see the Driver Ball Position Lesson for more details.

Free Golf Instruction Step #5 :
Good Spacing Equals Good Knee Flex

  • When spreading your feet apart, keep your club behind the ball.
  • Now let go of the your right hand and see if it will fit between your butt end of your club and your body. If it just fits then your the correct distance away from your golf ball. The true benefit to being the proper distance is that you will automatically have the right knee flex.
  • If there is a lot of extra room it means that you are standing too far away from the ball which will cause you to bend your knees too much. Likewise, if you can't fit your hand in between it means you are standing too close to the ball which will cause your legs to be too straight and not have enough knee flex.
  • If you are still unsure if you have the right amount of knee flex...try this little test. Stand straight up with your legs and back completely straight. Bend your knees and without bending from your hips, look straight down. Your knees should cover your golf shoe laces. If you can see the knots on your shoes then you don't have enough knee flex. It you can't see your toes then your are bending too much.
  • Good knee flex helps you stay balanced through your swing, and helps avoid any up and down movements. Moving up and down creates a lot of timing issues and makes it very hard to be consistent.

Free Golf Instruction Step #6 :
Push Your Butt Backwards

  • Now that you have great knee flex...push your butt backwards.
  • Pushing your butt backwards spreads your weight evenly over your feet. Most sports are played on the balls of your feet ...but not golf. Golf we want to keep the weight even. No more on the toes than on the heels. This will help give you great balance through your swing.
  • Keeping your butt outside your heels helps keep your lower back straight. A straight lower back is much easier to turn than a hunched back.
  • See how your sharp the angles in your body become when you push your butt backwards. Sharp angles leads to great posture which leads to great shots.

Free Golf Instruction Step #7 :
Target Forearm Trick
(Left forearm for right handed players)

  • From this view your should see my left forearm slightly in front of my right. This is a little trick to help make sure my shoulders are square.
  • If my left forearm was hidden then that would open up my shoulders which in turn would encourage a slice. To correct this I would tuck my right elbow a little closer to my body. This helps square off my shoulders so that I can make my back swing along the proper path.

Free Golf Instruction Step #8 :
The Full Setup

  • The last step in this routine is for your hand position. This position should be the same for every shot you hit (except for sand and putting).
  • If you were to let go of your club, the butt end should hit the inside of your left leg.
  • With your driver that will put your hands even to slightly behind your golf ball.
  • The reference to the inside of your leg never changes, and it automatically puts you hands in the right place for all your clubs.

Thank you for taking the Driver Setup Lesson. This is a very important routine to master so that you can have a strong and consistent setup. The better your setup is the more likely you will hit a great shot. The reality is that you could have a swing of a tour pro, but if you don't have a great setup you will not shoot great scores.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. May you 'Play Your Golf Dreams' with the help of

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