Charles Barkley Golf Swing

Oh the Charles Barkley golf swing...what more can be said about the trials and tribulations of Sir Charles. You have got to give the man credit. He has gone through this in a very public manner. Most people get first tee jitters when they partnered with someone for the first time. He was going through major golf challenges while still playing in celebrity pro-ams and participating on Hank Haney's golf channel show. I don't know how many people could be so public with the state of his golf game.

There have been millions of people voicing their opinion on how to fix the Charles Barkley golf swing. I don't claim to have the miracle answer for him, however I do believe we can all learn from his experience. So I will throw in my two cents regarding his golf swing in the hopes that it helps anybody with remotely the same swing issues.

Charles Barkley Golf Swing

If I were to meet Charles Barkley tomorrow I would start by taking a scene from the Tom Selleck movie "Mr. Baseball". There is a great scene where he is working on his baseball swing with the Japanese manager at a golf driving range. The manager would toss up a golf ball and he would have to hit it. They did this over and over again. He complained the whole time...until he finally said "I want to hit baseballs!". That is when they stopped and the manager smiled at Selleck's character.

After watching the video on this page, don't you get the impression he does to want to hit golf balls right now? His brain has no interest in hitting golf balls. Until he does he will have the same Charles Barkley golf swing that we all know. I think he needs to get to the point that he wants to hit golf balls.

I would take Charles and do a whole lot of things that do not involve hitting a golf ball, but are related to the golf swing. I would teach him how to hit a tennis forehand, swing a baseball bat and take a hockey slap shot. After doing that we would head to a golf practice facility to use a golf club to hit everything but a golf ball. I would do it until he became infuriated with me. I would do it until he "wanted" to hit golf balls. We would hit beach balls, paper plates, eggs, whatever I could think up each day to get him to want to hit golf balls.

Now you are probably can't be that simple...and it probably is not that simple. However, it is a big step in the right direction.

Have you ever felt that way...where you did not want to hit the ball? Probably not to the level of the Charles Barkley golf swing, but I think we all have felt that to some degree. We may be concerned about the our shot result or how we are going to look when we swing. It freezes us from making a free flowing golf swing. If our swing is not free flowing then we are not going to achieve our best results.

Now let's take a look at the Charles Barkley golf swing and see what we can learn from his moves.


I actually quite like his set up in this video. I think he does a great job in creating angles between his back, hips and legs. This is typically very difficult for a guy Barkley's size. Often a player of his physical stature will setup with a rounded back and little to no angle in their hips and legs. By creating these angles he makes it easier to turn on his backswing. With these angles it is also easier to maintain width in our swing and keep our arms in front of our chest, a key element for ball striking and power.

There is one thing I would recommend in the setup and that would be to get his weight more even over his whole foot. This is not basketball. He does not need to move those big puppies quickly on defense. In golf we want our weight over our entire foot. To do this I would suggest he lift his chest up and tuck his tail bone under. This will make him taller in his setup but also move his weight back from his toes.

Charles Barkley Golf Swing

The Swing

Well, by now you have watched his swing a few times. Whether you have seen it a thousands times or this is your first, it is hard not to watch. He certainly has one of the more unique moves in golf. However, he does do something's really well. We are going to try and learn from both the good and bad moves of the Charles Barkley golf swing.

I always like to start with the good stuff and I highly recommend you doing the same. This means, it is very valuable to find out what it is you do well. When you know the aspect of your swing that you do well then you can build around it. If you don't then you may end up changing things that are not broken...and why would we want to do that?

When we look at the Charles Barkley golf swing there are two positive things to take note of that he could build upon to develop his game.

  1. He turns his shoulders in his backswing. - Now he has room to develop this further, however there is a turn in those big shoulders. Many people do not turn at all and just lift their arms in the air. This action creates no power and a chopping action onto the golf ball.
  2. Starts his downswing with his lower body. - Now I know you are thinking...which downswing, he has a few of them? True, but he starts each one with his lower body which is terrific. Again there is room for improvement, however many people don't their lower body to start the downswing and they end up hitting weak slices. Almost every sports movement starts with the lower body, and golf is certainly no different.

So, given the fact we have established a couple of good actions in his golf swing let's build on them to maximize their use. It starts with the takeaway of the backswing. He does turn his shoulders but he also overused his hands to get the club too far inside too quickly. This means that the club head is not following the best path during the backswing, and he will have to adjust at some point during the rest of his swing.

He needs to make his hands and arms a little quieter so that move at the same pace as his shoulders. If the arms pull back too quick then they won't be matched up with his shoulders. This will certainly get his club off path.

A great drill to practice a better takeaway is to use your driver like a belly putter. Put the grip end of your club into your belly button and take your address position with your arms extended normally. Your hands will be holding onto the club somewhere down the shaft.

This drill is designed to practice the first two feet of the backswing by making sure your body and arms turn at the same speed. When you do the drill start your backswing but stop when your hands get past your back leg. The key to the drill is to keep the butt end of your club in your belly with consistent pressure. If you make the move and the club comes out or puts more pressure on your belly button then you have not made your takeaway in unison. Repeat this drill on a regular basis.

As we continue to learn from the Charles Barkley golf swing we need to take a look at his back leg. This leg is key to stability in the golf swing. It provides balance, strength and power if used properly. When you watch the video of his swing you will see that his back leg completely straightens. This is problematic because it will encourage his club path to come too far inside the proper swing path.

You can see that when he straightens that back leg his club and hands end up close to his right side. Ideally we would want to see his hands in front of his chest.

A drill to help with this position can be done at your home or place of work as there is no golf club required.

  1. Take a piece of furniture that is not taller than your waist and place it so your back knee almost touches it when you take your address position.
  2. Make your backswing.
  3. Keep your back knee as close to the furniture as possible.
  4. If you see it pull away from the furniture then you know your club will be too far inside during your backswing.

In the Charles Barkley golf swing we have looked at a couple of good attributes to build upon. We have also looked at a couple of areas that need to be worked on. These are certainly not unique to Mr. Barkley, and therefore if you are having he same issues, please use the drills provided to improve your game.

Please check back for the next segment on the Charles Barkley golf swing. In the next segment we will look at his position at the top of the swing and the transition down to impact.

Good luck with your practicing and playing. I hope you reach your golf goals sooner with the help of

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