2008 Ryder Cup Kim: Anthony Kim Golf Swing Tips

Here is one of the American young guns. It has been neat to see how this kid has developed since last year. He let his mouth get away from him a little last year, but he has learned to let his playing do the talking.

Kim has a great lower body action from the top of his backswing through to his finish. Watching the video below you can see a distinct bump of his hips before they start to turn through impact. The bump is important to get get your weight onto your left foot. It also helps get your club onto the right path down to your ball.

There are many players who either spin their hips too fast, or there is no weight transfer and they end up on their back foot after impact. If you do either of those watch Kim to get a good sense of a great hip action.


2008 Ryder Cup Karlsson: Robert Karlsson Golf Swing Tips

Robert Karlsson has been having a great run the last couple of years. He has multiple wins and a very steady game. He will be tough in match play, as he is solid from tee to green.

Karlsson is tall. He stands 6’5″. If you are tall you will want to follow his setup and swing. Even if you are shorter in height you can learn a lot from his setup.Karlsson stands tall at address. It is true that you want to have a slight bend at the knees and at the hips, however you want to be tall when you do that. Staying tall in your setup makes it easier to make a solid turn and maintain your balance. If you bend over too far you will most likely lose balance towards your toes, which will make it hard to hit solid shots online.


Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Analysis and Tips

The Dustin Johnson golf swing is pure athleticism and power. He has been described as an supreme athlete who chose to play golf, and it shows.

I am not going to lie, 99% of us are not going to swing it like DJ, however there are a number of great things to learn  from his game and incorporate them into your swing.

First and foremost his best attribute is his approach to the game. His emotions are  always level. No matter what sport you play, you don’t want to get too high or too low as you will lose focus. The crash down from being too high hard to deal with and it is very hard to recover from being to low. The more level you are, particularly in golf, the better opportunity you have to play well.


Dustin Johnson Golf Swing Tips

Grip and Clubface

DJ uses a very strong grip and has the club in a closed position throughout his swing.

There are more and more tour players playing this way. It may in fact become the new standard. It allows DJ to swing with power and reduces club rotation through impact.

The strong grip and closed club face let’s him hold the release of the club through impact. This actually keeps his club square longer through the ball, which helps his consistency of contact.

Full Shoulder Turn

Making a full shoulder turn helps generate easy power. The more you turn your shoulders on the back swing the more they need to unwind through impact…and that adds to power.

The more your shoulders can unwind the more natural power you will unleash into the ball.

Looking at Dustin Johnson’s golf swing, you can see at the top of his backswing how much he has turned his shoulders.

He tries to get his left shoulder over his right knee. He also tries to get the line of his shoulders is in line with his right leg.

I would suggest standing and facing a mirror to practice this move.

Please understand that DJ is very flexible and can make this move without lifting his left heel off the ground. Unless you have his kind of flexibility I suggest you let your front foot heel come of the ground to make it easier to get a full turn.

Impact Position

I want to focus on his impact position as this is the most critical part of the swing and his is very good.

Take a look at his head position in this picture and compare to the top of his backswing. Notice how there is very little movement towards the target. This is a great thing to copy as it helps both power and consistency.

The other important part to note is his hand position relative to the club. You will notice that his hands are even with the club head at impact. This is critical for success especially because of his strong grip. If his hands are behind the ball at impact then his club face will be very closed and he will hit the ball way left.

His hands in front help him hit the ball on target. This is true for the driver and even more so for irons. He will have his hands at least a couple of inches ahead of the ball at impact on order to hit it solidly and accurately with his irons.

A great way to feel this position is to drag your club along the ground. Start in your address position and then put the head of your club on the ground about a foot behind the ball. Now drag it into the ball. You should feel your hands lead the club into impact. That is the same feeling you want to create at impact.

If you looking to add a little power to your game then try some of these tips from Dustin Johnson golf swing. If you do, please make sure you start with grip. It is so critical to success.

If you have any questions about these tips or would like help with your swing please click here.


Ryo Ishikawa: Learn Pro Swings

How great is this kid? I mean here is a kid who gets it. Ryo is an absolute phenom and has the celebrity status of any top athlete (particularly in Japan). He has fame, fortune, is under 20 years old and has the where with all to donate all is 2011 tournament earnings to the Japan Tsunami Disaster Relief. How can you not cheer for him to win every week? I wanted Ishikawa to win the WGC event at Firestone this past week so he could donate the full $1.4 million first prize. However, the t4 prize of $414,000 still helps the cause a lot.

This kid also has serious game. Did you see the shot he hit in the final round of the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach? There was a reachable par 4 on the front nine. I remember Dustin Johnson hitting an iron off the tee and was almost on the green. The Ryo pulled out his driver. I know Johnson is long, but he is not that much longer than Ryo. So I am wondering what he is going to do…well, he hits a knockdown fade that comes off like a bullet and never gets higher than 30 feet in the air. He uses the contours of the fairway to roll the ball up onto the front fringe. Now that was some serious shot making!

I love Ishikawa’s swing. I love what he does with his move, and keeps things pretty simple. Let’s start with the face on view.


2008 Ryder Cup Hansen: Soren Hansen Golf Swing Tips

Soren Hansen is only the 2nd player from Denmark to play for the European side, while making his debut at the 2008 Ryder Cup. He has a nice simple swing, with some great fundamentals, which are illustrated very well in the video above.

The first thing to watch is his backswing. He makes a nice smooth motion during his takeaway, but it his position at the top that is so solid. The key to this position is how short his arm swing is. Notice how his hands fall short of his shoulders. Yet his club is still parallel to the ground. This is a great position. He can create a lot of power from here, and also keep his swing easy to repeat.

In order to create this position you must make a body turn backswing. Turn your chest away from your target. When you stop turning your chest you should also stop your arms from moving. This keeps them together. It is important to know that it is your turn, and the proper hinging of your wrists that will get your club to the top of your backswing, and not your arms.

The second thing to watch for is his head during his downswing. If you look closely you can see how the right edge of his hat is in line with the instep of his right foot when he gets to the top of his backswing. Watch how as he swings down to hit the ball his head and hat stay in the same position until well after impact. The key learning here is not that his head stayed ‘down’ but that it did not slide towards his target. If your head starts sliding towards your target as you make your downswing then you are going to come into your ball too steep and hit a lot of shots high right. Keep your head back for longer and straighter shots.


2008 Ryder Cup Harrington: Padraig Harrington Golf Swing Tips

How do you think capping off back to back Open Championships with leading his side to another Ryder Cup victory would feel to Harrington? Pretty good I would think. He has had quite a run, and he has the game to keep it going.

Harrington is quite tall, but he tries to maintain a very compact swing. In the video below you can see him working on the range with a glove under his right armpit. He is working on keeping his right arm connected to his body during his backswing. He does not want any air to get into his armpit. By doing this his swing stays on line much easier. For taller players it is easy to get a little loose and have you arms fly away from you. He is practicing a great drill to avoid that problem.


2008 Ryder Cup Garcia Golf Swing Tips

Sergio Garcia is probably the scariest guy to the Americans. They know that he loves team play, and that he is the spirit behind the European side. On top of all that he has played very well this year. That is very promising for the Europeans.

The video below is awesome. It is set in slow motion and is from the face on position. From here you can truly see the sequence of motions that he puts together to create all that power.

There are two things I would like to highlight in his swing. The first is something that I would encourage him to watch out for, and encourage you to learn from. If you watch his knee farthest away from the golf ball you will see that it does not stay still. He actually slides his hips sideways during his backswing. This causes his knee to bow out and get out of position. Personally I believe this makes timing the downswing harder to make solid contact. Try to keep your whole leg in place through the backswing so that there is no side to side movement.


Rickie Fowler: Learn pro Swings

Rickie Fowler Golf Swing

If people don’t think PGA Tour pros are not athletes…they have not seen Rickie Fowler hit a golf ball! As proof take a look at his left foot as he hits the golf ball. His heel comes way off the ground at impact. That is not conventional, but certainly shows his power. I would have to put a warning label on that move…’don’t try that at home’…much like his old X-Games sports moves.

Fowler like all pros has a great setup position. You can see how he builds such a strong base in his legs. He looks like he could take a hit and stay standing. He is in a very powerful position.

The thing I the most about Rickie’s backswing is his right leg. He keeps his leg in the same place throughout his entire backswing. This is critical for a solid backswing. If you look really closely it almost looks like his leg is moving towards the target (reverse pivot). However, don’t be fooled by his upper body movement. He moves his upper body so far away from the target that it gives the appearance that his leg is moving in the wrong direction.


Learn Pro Swings: Luke Donald

Luke Donald has got a serious amount of game. He is currently in the top ten in the world and on the European Ryder Cup team. He is such a consistent player. He is not very flashy, and he does not have a lot of wins…but he also does not make a lot of mistakes.

This video focuses on the short game. Most of this section covers the long game, but I can’t stress enough how important the short game is for scoring. If your swing is on and you have a great short game then you can shoot a career round. If your short game is on but your swing is off, then you can salvage what would otherwise be a brutal round for scoring.

I love the motion Donald makes in the this distance control wedge shot. I know that the video is titled ‘pitch’ but this is much more of a controlled wedge swing. He is playing a shot that is a shorter distance than a normal full swing with that club.


PGA Tour – Ben Curtis

When we think of past Open Champions PGA Tour player Ben Curtis is often forgotten about. He was no doubt a very surprising winner of the 2003 Open Championship. Major winners Vijah Singh, Tiger Woods, and Davis Love III were all right behind him. Curtis had a tough time adjusting to being an Open champion, but he has been playing better over the last couple of years.

Ben Curtis has a back swing that is all his own. It is not as crazy as Furyk’s, but it is a little choppy. He picks the club up very quickly with his hands, and he has a little extra movement at the top of his backswing. I would certainly prefer not to see those things in a golf swing. There is already enough movement in a golf swing, and like most sports, the game becomes simpler when you eliminate unnecessary movements. The less extra movement in your swing means the easier it is to be consistent and have great contact.