2008 Ryder Cup Stricker

Steve Stricker had a a solid year in 2007. Which was great considering he had lost his card back in 2005. To work his way back to be a member of this year's Ryder Cup squad is amazing. It is a credit to the hard work he has put into his golf game.

His swing is very solid and so well balanced. It is this balance over the golf ball that has turned his game around and got him onto this team.

My favorite part is that he does not sway off the ball at all. If you watch his backswing his left shoulder turns under his chin, but does not go past the middle of his stance. This is how he stays so well balanced to make good contact.

Some players get into trouble when they slide off the ball on their backswing. They get their shoulder to go all the way to their right foot. This pushes their balance too far away from the ball. The problem is that returning to the golf ball means that they have to slide too much to even reach the ball. It makes it very hard to be a consistent ball striker.

If this is going on in your swing then you will want to watch Stricker's swing.

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