2008 Ryder Cup Stenson

I absolutely love Stensons address position. It can never be stressed enough how important a good golf stance, posture, and alignment are to hitting a good golf shot. It can make all the difference in the world. Make sure your fundamentals are sound, especially if you are trying to improve your game.

The part of his setup I like so much is how tall he stands into the ball. You don't need to be tall in order to hit the ball long, but you do need to stand tall in your address. I always thought he was 6'5" when I have watched him on TV. I thought he was the same height as me, but he is actually only listed at 6'1". He appears taller because he has only a slight bend in his knees, and a slight forward bend from his hips. Try to copy his 'tall' setup to help you hit more consistent shots.

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