2008 Ryder Cup Rose

Justin Rose at the Ryder Cup. This should be fun. He has a had a great run on the European Tour. Will he be the next Euro player to dominate the Ryder Cup matches?

He is a nice player, with a nice swing. One of the best things about his move is that his knees are so stable. Watch his left knee. Notice how it does not collapse towards his right knee. There is just a slight bend towards the ball. Often a player will get off balance if there is too much movement in the left knee.

The second part I like is a little harder to see, but maybe they will slow his swing down during the coverage. He does a great job of keeping his right shoulder behind the ball at impact. Many players come out of position and their right shoulder is at the ball at impact. This will cause either a pull or a slice. By keeping his right shoulder behind the ballhe is keeping is club on the right path to the ball. This move also helps generate more power.

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