2008 Ryder Cup Poulter

Ian Poulter is probably the most controversial pick of the European side. Faldo has said that his run at the Open Championship this year helped in the decision. The Euros hope he brings that type of game, as he took the spot most thought would go to Darren Clarke or Colin Montgomery

When you watch Poulter swing his driver take note of his setup. His stance width is great. You can see that the insides of his feet are shoulder width apart. This gives him a very stable base. It also makes his swing a little flatter. It is good to have a flatter swing with the driver. It helps sweep the ball off the tee.

There has been a lot of talk about how Tiger's swing caused his knee injury. It is true that the snapping of the left leg past impact put a lot of stress on his knee. Poulter does a great job of finishing on a straight leg without putting undue stress. A straight leg in the finish position helps with your balance.

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