2008 Ryder Cup Mickleson

Phil Mickleson is one of the great players of our time. He is long off the tee, great with his irons, and a wizard with his wedges.

In the video below you will see what a solid motion he has. Pay particular attention to his left hip during his backswing. Notice how it does not move sideways. Many players get into trouble when their hip moves away from the target during their backswing. It makes the timing of striking their golf ball much harder. Mickleson does a great job of staying well balanced.

Phil Mickleson Swing

In this video he is doing a great job of turning his body to the target in his follow through. Personally I find Mickleson gets in trouble when his body stops turning through his shots. Often his hips stop before he gets fully around and he has to flip his hands at the ball in order to try and get it to go straight. Watch for this during the Ryder Cup.

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