2008 Ryder Cup Leonard

Justin Leonard is a major champion. However, he will go down in Ryder Cup lore for the long bomb putt he made to complete the comeback at Brookline. Does he have more magic for this year?

Leonard has been working hard on his swing over the last few years. He grew up in Texas and learned to play in pretty high winds. No matter how his swing has evolved, there is something is his swing that we should all try to copy.

Watch how Leonard works his shoulders and back from start to finish. He does a great job of staying down through the ball. Too many of us start to stand up through impact and we lose a lot of power. It also causes a lot of miss hit shots.

When you see him swing, pay particular attention to his right shoulder. It stays below his left shoulder past impact and all the way to his finish. This makes sure that he does not come out of his swing too early.

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