2008 Ryder Cup Garcia

Sergio Garcia is probably the scariest guy to the Americans. They know that he loves team play, and that he is the spirit behind the European side. On top of all that he has played very well this year. That is very promising for the Europeans.

The video below is awesome. It is set in slow motion and is from the face on position. From here you can truly see the sequence of motions that he puts together to create all that power.

There are two things I would like to highlight in his swing. The first is something that I would encourage him to watch out for, and encourage you to learn from. If you watch his knee farthest away from the golf ball you will see that it does not stay still. He actually slides his hips sideways during his backswing. This causes his knee to bow out and get out of position. Personally I believe this makes timing the downswing harder to make solid contact. Try to keep your whole leg in place through the backswing so that there is no side to side movement.

Sergio Garcia Swing

Now that we have talked about his backswing, let's take a look at his spectacular transition move into his downswing. If you were ever curious about how your body should unwind from the top of your backsiwng...look no further. You can easily see how his hips start to turn and his back is still facing his target. Then his core and shoulders unwind, which swings his arms down through impact. Garcia has a great swing from which you can learn.

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